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12 Employee Recognition Dates for Your 2023 Diary

Are you looking for more opportunities to recognize your people? The answer might be in your calendar.

Throughout the year, there are a number of dates celebrating people in specific professions, different hobbies and interests, and even foods. These days can all be opportunities to do something special for your employees and show them just how much you appreciate them. 

We’ve gone through our calendar and picked out 12 days – one for each month – that you can turn into employee recognition days in 2023!

Keeping recognition consistent is one of the pillars of an impactful employee recognition program. Use the dates below to reinforce a regular cadence of recognition at your company.

1. Thank Your Mentor Day – January 30

At some time or another, we’ve all benefited from the guidance and support of other people. Whether it’s a manager who invested in our growth, a teacher who taught us new skills, or just a coworker who took a personal interest in helping us to get better, mentors can make all the difference to our careers and our lives.

Thank Your Mentor Day is a chance for all of your employees to show appreciation for the time and effort put in by the people they have learnt from. As an HR professional, you can encourage employees to take this day to recognize any managers or senior staff they consider a mentor and let them know just how much their support has meant. 


2. National Pizza Day – February 9

Yes, there really is a National Pizza Day. Falling every February 9, this day is a chance to celebrate everyone’s favourite takeout option, but you can also make it an impromptu employee appreciation date.

You can get in on the act by ordering pizza for the office, or send gift cards to your employees if they are working remotely so they can order their own. It’s a small but fun way to treat your employees, and could be a pleasant surprise for them on a dreary winter Wednesday.


3. Employee Appreciation Day – March 4

If you’re working in HR, this is one date you don’t want to forget. Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated on the first Friday of March in the United States, and is also becoming popular in other countries around the world.

You should plan to do something special for your people on Employee Appreciation Day in 2023, such as sending them gifts, organizing a fun event, or both. It’s a great opportunity to show your employees just how much you value their hard work and contributions.


4. Administrative Professional Day – April 27

Administrative professionals are the glue that holds businesses together. From office assistants, to data entry clerks, to operations managers, people working in admin make everyone else’s jobs easier, taking care of the organizational tasks that ensure everything runs smoothly.

Unfortunately, this work is often under-appreciated. A lot of administrative tasks can fly under the radar, and their impact on an organization’s success is not always as apparent as the work of others.

April 27 is your chance to rectify that, a dedicated employee appreciation date for administrators of all stripes. It’s a valuable opportunity to highlight their impact, and let them know just how important they really are.

Administrative Professionals Day

5. International HR Day – May 20 

HR professionals deserve recognition too! We don’t need to tell you just how important the work of human resources is to businesses. This has been especially apparent over the last few years, as HR teams around the world have had to take a more central role in helping companies navigate the challenges of the pandemic, the move to remote work, and The Great Resignation.

May 20 is a day for you and your team to celebrate your accomplishments, and a gift card, an event, or even just a well-worded message could be a great way to show your appreciation for your colleagues. 


6. Best Friend Day – June 8

Do you have a best friend at work? Research from Gallup has shown that developing close friendships at work can be extremely valuable for employee engagement and happiness, and have an impact on everything from productivity, to employee retention, to customer satisfaction and profits.

You can help to nurture these relationships at your workplace by encouraging your people to celebrate Best Friend Day, which falls in June. You could suggest that they send their best work friend a gift or a message, or just take the time to catch up with them over lunch or a Zoom call.


Best Friend Day

7. National Intern Day – July 28 

We’re extremely grateful for the excellent work that our interns have done here at Guusto. Participants in our co-op programs have played a huge role in helping our company grow, and some have even gone on to join us full-time.

Internships can be a valuable chance for people starting their careers to gain experience and develop their skills, but they can also make extremely important contributions to the companies they work for. Interns can take care of vital tasks that permanent staff can't find time for, provide invaluable support in busy periods, and even bring fresh, original ideas to the table. 

National Intern Day is an employee recognition date just for them. It’s a chance to put them centre stage, and highlight everything they’ve brought to your organization.


8. National Book Lovers Day – August 9 

Do you have employees who love a good book? Or maybe you want to encourage the office as a whole to read more, either for fun or for their personal development?

If so, celebrating National Book Lovers day is a great idea. You could encourage employees to suggest books for their teammates to read on your Slack or Teams channels, or even start an office book club. If you’re using Guusto, you could also send your team gift cards for Chapters or Amazon so they can treat themselves to a good read.


9. International Day of Charity – September 5

Encouraging your employees to give something back and fostering a spirit of social responsibility is important throughout the year, but the International Day of Charity is a great chance to put it top of mind.

This is another date in your calendar where Guusto can be especially helpful. Our platform allows you to send gift cards that your employees can donate to the charity of their choice. Not only that, but our partnership with the One Drop Foundation means that one day of clean drinking water will be donated for every gift sent.


10. International Coffee Day – October 1 

International Coffee Day is the perfect time to let your employees enjoy a cappuccino, espresso, or latte on you! You could either order coffees for the office if you’re working in-person, or send gift cards for remote employees to redeem at their local Starbucks.

It’s another easy, simple, and inexpensive way to show your appreciation for your team. 


International Coffee Day


11. International Stress Awareness Day – November 2

Wellness in the workplace has become an increasingly hot topic lately, as the stresses of the pandemic make people more conscious of the need to actively manage their physical and mental health on the job.

There are a number of dates throughout the year which offer opportunities to promote better workplace health, such as Mental Health Awareness Week in early October, and International Self-Care Day in late July. 

International Stress Awareness Day, which falls on November 2, could also be a worthwhile employee recognition date to add your diary. The stress that comes with working in high pressure, fast-paced environments can take a toll on people, and encouraging them to take steps to better manage it could be very beneficial. 

This could mean treating them to a ‘self-care’ gift, promoting your wellness initiatives, or just taking some time to check in with employees about their stress levels.


12. Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day – Dec 4

Last but not least, Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day was created to celebrate the achievements of anyone who works in a team. It’s a chance to recognize collaboration, and thank those who have worked with you to achieve common goals.

Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day takes place on December 4, just as the holiday season gets into full swing. This could make it the ideal time to send out your holiday gifts, or hold your year-end recognition awards

Celebrating this date could be an especially good idea if you work in an industry where the end of the year is a particularly busy period, like retail. Earmarking a day to show your appreciation for the collective efforts of your team could help to boost morale and team spirit as you enter a stressful time. 


Never miss a chance to recognize Your employees with our 2023 HR calendar

Want to make sure you don’t miss any important employee recognition dates in 2023? We’ve created a comprehensive HR Calendar that includes all of the days listed above, as well as:

  • More employee appreciation dates
  • DEI and awareness dates
  • National & international holidays and festivals
  • Other fun dates with exciting ideas for recognition

You can add it to your Google, Outlook, or iCal calendar by following the instructions below:

Add to your Google Calendar

Add to Google Calendar

Add to Apple Calendar

Download Outlook/Apple Calendar file

Download the calendar file, then double-click it to open in Apple Calendar (or your default calendar app).

Add to your Outlook Calendar 

Go to your Outlook Calendar > Click Add Calendar > Subscribe From web > Paste Link > Add to My Calendars 



Download Outlook/Apple Calendar file

Go to Outlook Calendar > Create Blank Calendar > Write a name of your choice > Click Add Calendar > Upload From File > Click on .ics file > Add to your new calendar

Alternatively, you can download a PDF version here:

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