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Recognition is easier than ever with Guusto and Microsoft Teams

As Guusto evolves, we’re always looking for ways to improve our product and make it easier for your team to recognize each other. 


One way of doing that is making our software work with the tools your team uses every day. In an increasingly virtual work environment, employees use a range of digital tools like email, instant messaging, project management software, and other platforms to collaborate. 


If we can embed our platform with some of these tools, we can make it so much simpler, faster, and intuitive for people to send recognition. 


That’s why we’re really excited to announce that Guusto now integrates with Microsoft Teams! Using a simple webhook, you can create a dedicated team or channel in MS Teams and send rewards and nominations directly from the platform.


Here’s what this means for your company.


Recognize your people as you chat and collaborate 

As remote work has grown, Microsoft Teams has become a key channel for many employees looking to stay connected and collaborate, and is now the default messaging platform for over 500,000 organizations worldwide.  


Integrating Guusto with Microsoft Teams will help you enhance its impact within your organization by allowing your team to recognize and reward each other as they chat and work on projects. This will help to foster better team spirit and a more collaborative mindset among your staff.


Recognize your people in real time

Recognition is at its most impactful when it’s instant. When an employee crushes a project, has a great idea, or does anything else you want to celebrate, it’s always best to let them know while it's still fresh in both of your minds.


Integrating Guusto with Microsoft Teams will help make this kind of real-time recognition possible for your team. When people can quickly send gifts and nominations through the same app they use for daily communication, they are more likely to send recognition instantly.

Microsoft Teams will increase your participation rates

Having recognition at your employee’s fingertips through Teams could also have a knock-on effect on your program’s participation rates. Because your team can send gifts and nominations through an app they use all the time, they are likely to do it more often.


As a result, usage of your program could skyrocket. And the more people use it, the more they will see the benefits of recognition and the transformative effect it can have on your culture.  


Convenience without sacrificing function

Best of all, the convenience of using Guusto with MS Teams doesn’t come at the expense of functionality. The integration works exactly the same way as our platform, meaning you can send nominations, gifts, and like and comment on recognition posts just as you would within Guusto. There’s no limitations and no extra training required for your team.


The MS Teams integration is available to anyone with a Guusto Teams subscription, and you can set it up in a few easy steps using a simple webhook. Check out this Help Center article to learn more.


Interested in trying Guusto with Microsoft Teams? Contact us today to book a demo:


Book a demo

If you are a current customer interested in this feature, contact our customer success team from the chat bubble icon when logged into your account.


The Microsoft Teams integration is available for all clients with a Teams account. 

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Skai Dalziel

Written by Skai Dalziel

Skai is the Co-Founder of Guusto. He leads the Customer Success Team, and loves helping HR leaders build workplace culture by sharing his experiences from working with thousands of companies.

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