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Recognition Transformed with the Whole New Guusto!


The team here at Guusto has been hard at work on the release of our new platform. To make your recognition program better than ever, our new platform combines a fresh new design with powerful features, all built to make recognition simple, flexible, engaging, and actionable. A few highlights include improved navigation, expanded languages and currencies, and streamlined reporting to keep recognition inclusive and accountable. We’re excited to show you everything we have in store.



We’ve made the platform simple and intuitive, to provide an improved experience for admins, team members, and recipients.

  • Design Overhaul: A fresh, modern take on the original Guusto employee recognition and rewards platform provides a more intuitive user experience.
  • Navigation: We’ve improved navigation throughout the app, with relevant Help articles provided where appropriate. 
  • Action Items: Viewable at a glance from the dashboard, action items allow users to easily send gifts or nominations. 
  • Data Layout: We’ve ensured that your team wastes no time sifting through reporting by providing you with easy-to-use graphs and figures that clearly demonstrate your program’s performance.
  • Manage Funds: All inter-team fund management has now been moved to a single, central tab to allow for easy transfer between teams and allocation to team members. We’ve also added extra security to keep your account funds safe. 



Our new platform offers increased flexibility to provide more options, customizable to meet your team’s unique needs. 

  • Multiple Languages and Currencies: Take your recognition program international with global currencies.The ability to send gifts in multiple currencies ensures that recipients can redeem with local merchants, no matter where they’re located.
        • Expanded languages increase inclusivity. Our new platform accommodates and welcomes everyone in a language they’re comfortable with.
  • Save Orders in Progress: You can now save orders in progress and come back later to finish.
  • Customizable Member Rights: Team admins can customize user permissions to tailor the privileges they want to give each team member. 
  • Gift Reasons: Reasons are displayed for each gift, allowing you to reinforce great work by reminding team members why they were recognized every time they open up their gift.



We went the extra mile with new features to make the platform engaging, to help boost program adoption.

  • Branding: Increased brand customization allows you to reinforce your company brand across all communications within Guusto. 
  • Interactive Social Feed: We’ve added another layer of team engagement with the addition of a social feed.
        • The ability to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on gifts and nominations helps build community by allowing team members to celebrate each others’ recognition. It’s a great way for employees to uplift and support their peers, with company-wide visibility.  
  • Leaderboards: Visibility into who is being recognized the most for their efforts, and who is consistently recognizing others, is a great way to encourage friendly competition among employees. 
  • Bulletin Board: The bulletin board allows HR leaders to continuously reinforce the company’s mission and values across teams. Regular, positive reinforcement contributes to your company culture and ensures everyone is aligned with the organization’s core values. 
    • The Announcements section can be used to showcase upcoming events and competitions. 



To help you maximize the impact of your program, the new platform provides enhanced, actionable insights and streamlined user access. 

  • Reporting Overhaul: Easily communicate the value of your employee recognition program to executives, stakeholders, and employees with robust reporting. We provide impactful insights and analytics to better understand how your program and your employees are performing, allowing you to make adjustments to improve performance and increase ROI.
  • Single Sign-On with Okta: Single sign-on keeps access to all your tools aligned, while making it easy for team members to sign in to claim/redeem gifts, or make nominations, in a streamlined and secure process.


Recognition for a Modern World

We are automatically migrating over to the new platform during the Spring of 2021. New customers can see our pricing information here. Contact us to discover if we’re the right fit for your organization.


What's next?

We are so excited for new changes ahead of us. While lots are happening at Guusto, we are working hard on our next phase to launch goal tracking tools and integrations. Subscribe to stay updated on all of our new updates down the pipeline. 

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Skai Dalziel

Written by Skai Dalziel

Skai is the Co-Founder of Guusto. He leads the Customer Success Team, and loves helping HR leaders build workplace culture by sharing his experiences from working with thousands of companies.

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